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Policies & Terms
Important: Please go through all the policies and terms carefully before you start using our services. By Signing Up to our services you are bound to agree to all our Policies & Terms of Use. Make sure to not use the website further anymore, if you do not agree to our terms.
  • Privacy Policy
    • BoldInbox makes sure to protect your privacy and the privacy of your subscribers. Below are all the important points explained in detail for you to understand the policy and be secured while using our services.

      Your Personal Information: We ask some information before you send out your first promotion and to make sure your account functions properly. You can change your personal information anytime from the "Settings" Section in your Userboard. We will never share this information with any third party.

      Your Email Lists & Data: To send out email promotions from our system, you have to build your email list with us or import your existing email list(s) into our database. We will never share, sell or rent your customers data to anyone.

      Your Payment Details: We never store your payment information with us. You are completely secured to make online payments via credit cards or direct transfers to use our services.

      Use of Cookies: Cookies are small files which are stored on a user's computer. They hold a small amount of data specific to a particular client and website. We use cookies to save your usage preferences.

      Your Account Review: We may occasionally review your account (Email Promotions & Lists) to make sure you are following our compliance guidelines to maintain our Anti-Spam Policy.

      You can feel free to write to us at should you have any queries regarding our Privacy Policy.
  • Anti Spam Policy
    • What is SPAM? - Sending irrelevant or unsolicited email messages to large number of users for promotional or advertisement purposes is known as a SPAM email.

      BoldInbox allows only Permission Based Email Marketing which means you are only allowed to send promotional emails to those contacts who have either subscribed to your list directly or indirectly and have given you the permission to receive email newsletters from you. We strictly do not allow the use of third-party, purchased, rented, or harvested mailing lists.

      You must have proper and valid header information (From address, Reply To Address, To Address), valid physical address in the footer of your email promotion while sending your email promotion with BoldInbox to be compliant with our policy.

      In addition to that, the subject line must accurately reflect the email content in your promotion and there has to be an unsubscribe link in your email for the recipients to have an option to opt-out if they wish to not receive any more emails from you.

      What, if you try or attempt to send SPAM emails? - We reserve the full right to suspend sending on your account if you are found to be using our services to send SPAM emails as sending SPAM is strictly against our policies and terms of use. If in case, after any investigation we find that your account should be activated, we will allow sending on the account with no further delays.

      Lastly, By creating an account with BoldInbox, you also agree to this Anti-spam policy.
  • Terms of Services & Use
    • Email Promotion Services:
      I agree that, all email lists (List of Subscribers) I will be sending to using your services must be permission-based subscriptions. It will never be acceptable and allowed to send promotional emails to any rented, purchased or third party list of subscribers.

      BoldInbox reserves the right to suspend sending on my account if found to be violating the terms of use of services.
    • Account Credentials, Payment & Security:
      I agree that, the confidentiality to keep my account credentials secure is completely my responsibility. I will be whole solely responsible for all the activities under my account.

      BoldInbox allows one organization to create one account to use our services. However, we may allow a secondary account or an account for a sister concern company, if the parent company allows and provides all the valid reasoning & proofs.

      I agree that, for any paid plan chosen by me, BoldInbox can automatically charge the fees at the beginning of each subscription cycle. BoldInbox reserves the right to update the plans & pricing anytime without any prior notice.

      I agree that, BoldInbox does their best and follow all good standards to maintain the security of my personal data. Even then, BoldInbox will not be held responsible for any security mishaps.
    • Essentials:
      I agree that, BoldInbox will automatically place an "Unsubscribe" & "Report SPAM" Links in all the email promotions I will be sending using your services.BoldInbox will also add all the required Email Headers in all the email promotions.

      All my email promotions must have a valid physical address mentioned at the bottom (footer) of the email, BoldInbox will not release any email with missing footer information.

      BoldInbox may also add disclaimer to any or all email promotions you will be sending using our services.

      BoldInbox reserves the right to place or remove "Powered By BoldInbox" logo under (extreme bottom) all your email promotions.
    • Prohibited Use:
      BoldInbox prohibits the use of its services by anyone who violates the Terms of Use and / or CAN SPAM ACT. You are not allowed to send email promotions containing contents related to children under 18 years of age, dating / escort services, pornography, affiliate marketing, pyramid schemes, MLM, "Get Rich Quick", Forex, gambling, weight loss supplements or illegal goods and services.

      BoldInbox never permits to delete and add new contacts to send to more contacts than allowed at your plan level. One must always add contacts and upgrade the plan to send promotional emails to more contacts.

      Any user / company / organization is not allowed to have multiple accounts in order to send to more unique contacts under the FREE plan limit.
    • Compliance:
      I agree that, BoldInbox require my email promotions to be compliance with the US CAN-SPAM Act. If in any case (intentionally or unintentionally) the rules / laws are violated, I could be responsible and liable for hundreds of dollars for each subscriber (recipient) that I sent non-compliant email-promotions to.

      Further, in addition to the US CAN-SPAM laws, BoldInbox requires your email promotions to must comply with the sepecific countries your subscribers live in. That means, if you are sending to your subscribers staying in UK or Canada, you must check the UK or Canada SPAM laws to make sure you are not sending non-compliant email promotions.
    • Revisions & Modifications:
      BoldInbox reserves the right to make any changes to any information posted on the entire website without in prior notice the users.

      BoldInbox reserves the right to terminate / remove any accounts and / or email promotions containing any objectionable contents.
    • Account Suspension & Refunds:
      BoldInbox reserves the right to Suspend / Terminate any account without any notice. If you wish to get your account cancelled, you may do so by writing an email to BoldInbox will not make any refunds for any remaining period within your subscription cycle.

      BoldInbox will never terminate or cancel any account for non-usage of the services until asked to cancel the subscription. BoldInbox also preserves the strict no-refund policy in such cases. We reserve the right to cancel the account or subscription if any user found to be violating the Anti-Spam and / or compliance laws.

      However BoldInbox, may at its sole discretion, offer a pro-rata refund based on the number of emails actually sent to at ₹0.225 per email for a sum total not exceeding the total payment made.
    • Limitation of Liability:
      In no event shall BoldInbox be responsible and liable for any losses or damages (direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential) in terms of data or other economic harm to the business due to non-performance, any error, computer virus, service interruption, delay, organizational issues, company staff or failure to understand the use of service.
    • Intellectual Property:
      I agree that, I will not make copy or reproduce any altered / modified or derive any works from the Service as BoldInbox holds all rights, assets (including title & content) and interest in and to the service, including without any limitations all the intellectual property rights, which are protected by international intellectual property laws.

      BoldInbox claims no intellectual property rights over the material you provide to the Service.
    • Indemnification:
      I agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless BoldInbox and our business partners, third-party suppliers and providers, licensors, officers, directors, employees, distributors and agents against any damages, losses, liabilities and expenses due to any action that arises from any alleged breach of this contract or relates to your use of BoldInbox services.